I love this program – it is life changing. I am grateful everyday that I chose this school as my first step into the world of bodywork and natural healing modalities.

– A. Rousain

I feel I have an excellent basis to grow, as well as an idea of where I want my skills to expand with practice and further education. I feel that I am ready to start today, and have the confidence necessary to be a strong bodyworker.

– R. Brown

All the instructors were very passionate and involved.

– P. Sijanov

Words will never be adequate enough to summarize what this program has done for my existence. All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH! My journey is just beginning.

– L. Piper

I am already working and everybody I treat is amazed with the techniques and quality of touch. They are blown away when I tell them I have been doing this for less than a year. This school has been awesome. I feel so prepared to go out and work.

– T. Melnychuk

The time frame was just right for the nature of the course, and very reasonably priced for what it was.

– L. Gambin

I will never forget this time in my life, EVER, it has been the best experience I could have ever asked for. Thank you SOOOO much! I loved it!

– E. Lacombe

“Intensive and thorough” can be read, but not understood until you take the course. The tuition cost seems so minimal for everything that I took from it and learned.

– L. Blatter

My mind has totally changed and I love the young woman I am becoming. And it’s because of all the people I encountered here, and everything that you guys have taught me. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

– C. Beaudry

I feel that I am a top quality spa practitioner, and my knowledge of bodywork and anatomy will help further my work as a yoga instructor.

– S. Piekes

I loved learning about how the body, mind, and spirit are connected, and how to balance myself. I loved how we learned to integrate massage in an intuitive and soulful way. And I loved all the instructors and all the knowledge they shared! I feel confident and well educated and grounded in my ability to go out into the real world. I believe in myself, and the skills that I have learned, and I believe I will succeed professionally.

– H. Loewen

There is no other program out there that can teach me all that I have learned here! The tuition was hard to come up with, but it was way better than the $30 000 I was looking at to be an RMT! This program was way more “me” than the RMT program.

– C.Adam

This school has achieved an amazing balance of the sciences and holistic arts. I feel knowledgeable and confident in my abilities without all the clinical crap. The reputation that this school has, and the bodyworkers that come out of this school, is/are amazing! I have no doubt that I will find a great job.

– M. McDonald