Student Story by Yvette Cabuco, VSBM Graduate from June 2016

“While I was at work today, I glanced up at the framed certificates hanging on my wall and I thought about VSBM.  As I reflected, I thought it would be nice to share what I have been up to since graduation…

yvette-c_vsbm-gradAfter we graduated, I enjoyed a few weeks off before starting work with a Mobile Massage clinic.  It was great!  I liked the flexibility of being able to choose when you wanted to work. My first client was a professional athlete who I had watched play at games so I was pretty excited about providing him with a treatment.  At the end of the session, he told me that the treatment was “perfect” – that elevated my passion and confidence in my new career.

Throughout the summer, the mobile clinic started to get less busy and there was not enough work to provide a steady and reliable income. I continued to seek other employment but did not have much luck.  I wasn’t that keen on working at a spa or having a ‘9-5’ type gig. I started to look at spaces to rent and came across a nice space in a heritage building in Port Moody alongside a busy chiropractor.

After meeting the owner I launched my business, Healing Touch Bodywork, using all the tools given to me by VSBM on how to start your own business. I was out in the ‘real world’! I had a couple clients per week, 1 or 2 referrals from the chiropractor and was still doing work here and there with the mobile clinic.

I had flyers made for my business and posted them locally but I was struggling to gain more exposure. After about a month and a half and some serious consideration, I had decided to bite the bullet and advertise online. Once my campaign went live, I definitely gained the exposure I wanted. Since the beginning of September, I have sold over 250 online deals and provided over 65 treatments.

While the revenue isn’t great when you’re offering online deals, I’m happy for the experience to be able to work on so many different people and so far, the potential for repeat clientele is looking promising.

Starting my own business has been tiring but at the same time, very exciting. A tonne of credit goes to the VSBM faculty and well designed Spa Therapy Program. I have put to use all of the modalities, courses and subjects to use as well as continue to gain encouragement and support from my instructors. I am proud and happy to be where I am today.”

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