Course Description

Shiatsu46Shiatsu is a healing art based on the concepts of movement, energy and health. Pressure is applied along the meridian trigger points to help release excess energy that can cause pain and discomfort in the body. Usually shiatsu is performed on a mat on the floor however this course will focus on techniques that can be used with the client on a massage table in prone position. Students will learn how to safely apply deep, long-lasting pressure along specific points (tsubos) on the shoulders, back and hips, primarily using arms and elbows to maximize effectiveness with the greatest ease.


April 7, 2018

10am – 5pm

6 in class hours

$150 Tuition + $10 Text & Supplies + GST

Prerequisite: an introductory shiatsu course

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Instructor: Fernando Cabrera

Shiatsu38Fernando is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and a member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of B.C. As one of Vancouver’s preeminent therapists, he began his practice of Zen Shiatsu (Masunaga style) in 1992. He is a long-standing faculty member at VSBM teaching the Weekend Introductory, Shiatsu Level I as well as acting as Program Director of VSBM’s 150-hour Shiatsu Program. After 20+ years, he passionately maintains a thriving practice in Kitsilano where he treats his loyal fan-base of shiatsu converts.


There are no requirements for this course. Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration. To register go to the Apply Now page.

Cancellation Policy

Tuition is fully refundable until one week prior to the course at which point no refunds will be made. If a student is unable to attend for any reason, payment received will be kept on file as a credit and can be used for any other VSBM program or course within one year.